Bronx September 16-23 2013 Crime Stats precinct map | Last Updated 15 Feb 2019

Crime statistics published by the NYPD for the week of September 16-23, 2013.

Tags: murder rape robbery felony assault burglary grand larceny g.l.a. total petit larceny, misd. assault misd. sex crimes shooting victims shooting incidents

This dataset has the following 46 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Sept 16-23, 2013sept_16_23_2013text
WEEK TO DATEweek_to_datetext
Felony Assaultfelony_assaultnumber
Grand Larcenygrand_larcenynumber
Petit Larcenypetit_larcenynumber
Misd. Assaultmisd_assaultnumber
Misd. Sex Crimesmisd_sex_crimesnumber
Shooting Victimsshooting_victimsnumber
Shooting Incidentsshooting_incidentsnumber
28 DAY_28_daytext
28 DAY Murder_28_day_murdernumber
28 DAY Rape_28_day_rapenumber
28 DAY Robbery_28_day_robberynumber
28 DAY Felony Assault_28_day_felony_assaultnumber
28 DAY Burglary_28_day_burglarynumber
28 DAY Grand Larceny_28_day_grand_larcenynumber
28 DAY G.L.Auto_28_day_g_l_autonumber
28 DAY TOTAL_28_day_totalnumber
28 DAY Petit Larceny_28_day_petit_larcenynumber
28 DAY Misd. Assault_28_day_misd_assaultnumber
28 DAY Misd. Sex Crimes_28_day_misd_sex_crimesnumber
28 DAY Shooting Victims_28_day_shooting_victimsnumber
28 DAY Shooting Incidents_28_day_shooting_incidentsnumber
Year To Dateyear_to_datetext
Year To Date Murderyear_to_date_murdernumber
Year To Date Rapeyear_to_date_rapenumber
Year To Date Robberyyear_to_date_robberynumber
Year To Date Felony Assaultyear_to_date_felony_assaultnumber
Year To Date Burglaryyear_to_date_burglarynumber
Year To Date Grand Larcenyyear_to_date_grand_larcenynumber
Year To Date G.L.Autoyear_to_date_g_l_autonumber
Year To Date TOTALyear_to_date_totalnumber
Year To Date Petit Larcenyyear_to_date_petit_larcenynumber
Year To Date Misd. Assaultyear_to_date_misd_assaultnumber
Year To Date Misd. Sex Crimesyear_to_date_misd_sex_crimesnumber
Year To Date Shooting Victimsyear_to_date_shooting_victimsnumber
Year To Date Shooting Incidentsyear_to_date_shooting_incidentsnumber
Location 1location_1point
Location 1 (city)location_1_citytext
Location 1 (state)location_1_statetext