Map of Cigarette Consumption Per Capita (Orzechowski and Walker Tax Burden on Tobacco) | Last Updated 13 Jun 2019

1970-2018. Orzechowski and Walker. Tax Burden on Tobacco. Tax burden data was obtained from the annual compendium on tobacco revenue and industry statistics, The Tax Burden on Tobacco. Data are reported on an annual basis; Data include federal and state-level information regarding taxes applied to the price of a pack of cigarettes.

Tags: osh, office on smoking and health, tax, tax burden on tobacco, cigarette sales, cigarette consumption per capita

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
LocationAbbrlocationabbrtextLocation abbreviation
LocationDesclocationdesctextLocation description
DatasourcedatasourcetextData source
TopicDesctopicdesctextTopic description
MeasureDescmeasuredesctextMeasure description
Data_Valuedata_valuenumberValue of the data
Data_Value_Unitdata_value_unittextIndicator of the type of data value ($, %, etc)
Data_Value_Typedata_value_typetextType of data (yes/no, percentage, dollar, etc)
GeoLocationgeolocationlocationGeo Location codes for mapping purposes
SourcesourcetextTable source of data
TopicTypeIdtopictypeidtextTopic type identifier code - can be used for filtering; used in application
TopicIdtopicidtextTopic identifier - can be used for filtering
MeasureIdmeasureidtextMeasure identifier - can be used for filtering