Environment Management - Inspections (Public)

citydata.mesaaz.gov | Last Updated 4 Nov 2019

This view redacts sensitive information including the associated permit number, permitted sources inspected and inspection notes. Information about environmental inspections and notice of violations. An environmental inspection is an investigation of the City of Mesa’s level of compliance with an environmental regulation or permit, or of a perceived noncompliance or a complaint. A Notice of Violation (NOV) notifies the recipient that a regulatory agency believes the recipient committed one or more violations of any applicable rules or regulations. See Environmental Compliance Attachment for additional information. Inspection Results: "Pass" (no violations noted);"Opportunity to Correct" (may be issued to afford an opportunity to correct those instances of noncompliance that meets the agency definition of a minor violation) ;"Notice of Violation" (notifies the recipient that a regulatory agency believes the recipient committed one or more violations of any applicable rules or regulations.); "Other Action" (includes requests for follow-up, additional documentation, etc)

Tags: regulatory, compliance, adeq, epa, violation, con-compliance, air quality

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Inspection IDinspection_idtextUnique ID assigned to the inspection
Inspection Dateinspection_datecalendar_dateDate that inspection is conducted by regulatory agency
Inspection Yearinspection_yeartextYear the inspection was conducted
Inspection Monthinspection_monthtextMonth the inspection was conducted
Environmental Activityenvironmental_activitytextIdentifies the Core Business Process/Environmental activity that is the focus of the inspection. For example, Stormwater, Air Quality, etc.
Inspection Resultsinspection_resultstextValues include "Pass"; “Opportunity to Correct"; "Notice of Violation";"Other Action" (See descriptions below)
Facility Namefacility_nametextThe City of Mesa facility that is associated with the permitted source.
Owning Departmentowning_departmenttextList of City Departments that own or manage the permitted facility operations and/or sources. For example, most storage tanks are managed by Fleet Services.
Regulatory Agencyregulatory_agencytextLists the names of regulatory agencies that conduct inspections of City of Mesa permitted facilities.  The list of agency names is in the “Compliance Overview” section above.