Information Technology - Project Schedule and Budget Variance | Last Updated 24 Aug 2020

This data set lists projects currently in process and managed by the Department of Information Technology. Projects are noted if they are in an implementation phase, which would make their schedule and budget adherence applicable. Budget is listed and determined by project manager if they are within budget, at or under budget, to date. Schedule is determined by project start date, project manager original go live estimate and current go live estimate and /or actual go live date.

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
RowIdrowidnumberUnique Row Identifier
Project Nameproject_nametextName of the project
Project Descriptionproject_descriptiontextSimple explanation of project objective
Project Manager/Contactproject_manager_contacttextName of project manager/contact
Project Statusproject_statustextStatus could be from the initiating (development) phase to underway (implementing) to Live. Projects in initial phases are not counted in budget and schedule metrics as the data (budget, dates) is being developed.
Project Current Statusproject_current_statustextProject Current Status
ITD Metric Flagitd_metric_flagtextIs the project managed by DoIT (Department of Information Technology)
Budget Metricbudget_metrictextIs the project managed by DoIT (Department of Information Technology) and in a phase where budget can be considered
Schedule Metricschedule_metrictextIs the project managed by DoIT (Department of Information Technology) and in a phase where schedule can be considered
Start Datestart_datecalendar_dateDate project was initiated
Planned Go Liveplanned_go_livecalendar_dateEstimated date the project will go live
Actual (Project Go Live)actual_project_go_livecalendar_dateThe actual date a project goes Live
Schedule Varianceschedule_variancetextThe deviation of a project is calculated using the actual go live and its estimated go live. (Is it ahead, on or behind schedule). Noted in a mathematical calculation where zero is on schedule.
On Schedule?on_schedulenumberIs the schedule variance within 10 percent of zero – the industry standard for acceptable variance from estimated schedule
Budget (Goods & Services)budget_goods_servicestextProjects Budget
Within Budget?within_budgetnumberProject manager reporting on current project spending and whether it is at or under the original budgeted amount
Quarter Start Datequarter_start_datecalendar_dateThe date the reported quarter started