IT Performance Customer Satisfaction | Last Updated 18 Jul 2019

This is an annual customer survey sent out to all City of Mesa employees administered in batches. City employees are divided into four batches, and a survey is administered to one back each quarter until all employees have received the survey. The survey asks employees to rate their overall satisfaction with Information Technology Services. This metric reports the score of those who report satisfied or very satisfied with overall performance of IT services

Tags: customer satisfaction, survey

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
RowIDrowidtextUnique Row Identifier
QuestionTextquestiontexttextText of Survey Question
Department Namedepartment_nametextDepartment of which User who took Survey
Survey Taken Datesurvey_taken_datecalendar_dateDate Survey was Taken
Survey Yearsurvey_yeartextYear of Survey
Satisfied Countsatisfied_countnumberTotal Count of Responses with Satisified or Very Satisfied
Total Counttotal_countnumberTotal Count of Surveys
Quarter Datequarter_datecalendar_dateQuarter Start Date for which survey was taken
Survey Fiscal Yearsurvey_fiscal_yeartextFiscal Year of Survey