Electric Energy & Natural Gas Supply Costs

citydata.mesaaz.gov | Last Updated 2 Jul 2020

This is the cumulative sum of expenditures for each accounting string (EECAF & PNGCAF) by fiscal year and accounting period. The accumulation starts in the first accounting period for each fiscal year and ends on the last accounting period for the fiscal year. Data sources are publicly available via Open Expenditures at https://openexpenditures.mesaaz.gov/#!/year/All%20Years/explore/0/activity_name/EECAF+Elec+Energ+Cost+Adj+Factor+(EECAF)/0/department_name and https://openexpenditures.mesaaz.gov/#!/year/All%20Years/explore/0/activity_name/PNGCAF+Purch+Natur+Gas+Cost+Adjust+Factor/0/department_name

Tags: eecaf, pngcaf

This dataset has the following 6 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Row IDrow_idtextThis is a unique identifier for each record in the dataset,
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yeartextFiscal Year of the expenditure from FIN
Accounting Periodaccounting_periodtextThe accounting period of the expenditure from FIN, based on 12 accounting periods
Accounting Period Dateaccounting_period_datecalendar_dateThe first day of the month based on the accounting period and calendar year for the expenditure in FIN
Activity Nameactivity_nametextEECAF Electric Energy Cost or PNGCAF Natural Gas Supply Cost
AmountamountnumberRolling sum of the dollar amount of the expenditure in FIN rounded to the nearest dollar