Police Employee Demographics & Community Profile Summary

citydata.mesaaz.gov | Last Updated 9 Sep 2020

Summary data for Police employees compared with community profile. Community demographics by race/ethnicity is provided by a third party GIS mapping and demographics provider (ESRI community analyst) profile estimates for population located in Mesa, AZ as of 2017. Note that detailed employee data can be found in the Employee Demographics dataset. See Source Link below.

Tags: demographics, ethnicity, race, gender, employee, eeoc, sworn, non-sworn, pd

This dataset has the following 3 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
DemographicdemographictextDemographic measured
VariablevariabletextIndicator for employee as sworn or non-sworn for Police department. "PD Total" refers to all police department employees, "PD Sworn" refers to subset of police department employees who are sworn.
Percent Totalpercent_totalnumberPercent of population matching the demographic