What We Buy- Dell Laptop Computers

controllerdata.lacity.org | Last Updated 30 Aug 2019

Financial Data for the Checkbook Explorer since Fiscal Year 2012.

Tags: checkbook, echeckbook, expenditures, vendors, agencies

This dataset has the following 27 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
FISCAL YEARfiscal_yearnumber
DEPARTMENT NAMEdepartment_nametext
VENDOR NAMEvendor_nametext
TRANSACTION DATEtransaction_datecalendar_date
DOLLAR AMOUNTdollar_amountnumber
FUND NAMEfund_nametext
ACCOUNT NAMEaccount_nametext
DATA SOURCEdata_sourcetext
AUTHORITY NAMEauthority_nametext
PAYMENT METHODpayment_methodtext
PO NUMpo_numtextPurchase Order Number
DESCRIPTIONdescriptiontextDescription of purchased item
DETAILED ITEM DESCRIPTIONdetailed_item_descriptiontext
UNIT PRICEunit_pricenumberUnit Price of purchased item
UNIT OF MEASUREunit_of_measuretext
QUANTITYquantitynumberNumber of items purchased
SALES TAX PERCENTsales_tax_percentnumber
SALES TAXsales_taxnumberSales Tax Amount
DISCOUNTdiscountnumberDiscount on purchased item
PO DATEpo_datecalendar_datePurchase Order Date
SUPPLIER CITYsupplier_citytextVendor City
SUPPLIER COUNTRYsupplier_countrytextVendor Country
ITEM CODE NAMEitem_code_nametextPurchased Item Code Name
CURRENCYcurrencytextType of currency used in transaction
VALUE OF SPENDvalue_of_spendnumberCalculation of Unit Price * Quanity