City of Albany - 2019 Youth Summer Programs and Camps | Last Updated 28 Oct 2019

The City of Albany has created a comprehensive map of Summer Programs and Camps for youth in the city. The information presented through openAlbany is based on data provided by Program Providers. This table provides the Provider Name, Program Name, Type of Program, Age of child, Start and End Date, Start and End Time, Cost, Lunch Program, Transportation Provided, Phone Number and a link to the provider’s website. This map can be filtered by Provider Name, Type of Program, Age, Cost, etc., and can be downloaded. Blue icons represent all programs provided by the City of Albany Department of Recreation, Purple icons represent locations that provide Free Summer Meals while Orange icons represent every other program providers in the City. Please note that this data is subject to change; data is likely to show changes as we received more information from program providers or community organizations. Click here to have your program added to the map:

Tags: summer, camps, summer camps, summer programs, recreation, summer meals

This dataset has the following 22 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Program Nameprogram_nametext
Website Linkwebsite_linkurl
Type of Programtype_of_programtext
Cost Informationcost_informationtext
Start Datestart_datecalendar_date
End Dateend_datecalendar_date
Date Rangedate_rangetext
Other Datesother_datestext
Start Timestart_timecalendar_date
End Timeend_timecalendar_date
Time Rangetime_rangetext
Other Timesother_timestext
Age Minage_minnumber
Age Maxage_maxnumber
Age Rangeage_rangetext
Transportation Providedtransportation_providedtext
Free Lunch Programfree_lunch_programtext
Phone Numberphone_numbernumber
New Georeferenced Columngeocoded_columnpoint