Traffic Cameras | Last Updated 5 Aug 2019

This dataset contains information about traffic cameras in Austin, TX. Traffic cameras are owned and operated by the City of Austin Transportation Department and are used to monitor traffic conditions across the city. You may also be interested in our traffic signal operations dashboards, available at For information about Austin's Advanced Transportation Management System, visit the department website: This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of traffic signals.

Tags: transportation, traffic, cameras, mobility

This dataset has the following 30 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Camera IDcamera_idtextEach camera is given a unique ID number.
Location Namelocation_nametextThe location that the camera is at based on the nearby cross streets.
Camera Statuscamera_statustextThe construction status of the camera.
Turn on Dateturn_on_datedateThe date the camera was installed and turned on.
Camera Manufacturercamera_mfgtextThe manufacturer of the traffic camera.
ATD Location IDatd_location_idtextThe unique location ID of the camera.
LandmarklandmarktextAn optional field that can help identify the camera or location.
Signal Engineer Areasignal_eng_areatextBased on the location of the camera, a signal engineer is assigned to this camera.
Council Districtcouncil_districttextThe council district(s) that the camera presides in.
Location Typelocation_typetextDescribes the type of location the camera is at. Roadway - on a pole along a roadway. Building - mounted to a building.
Primary St Segment IDprimary_st_segment_idnumberThe unique ID given to the primary street where the camera is located.
Cross St Segment IDcross_st_segment_idnumberThe unique ID given to the primary street where the camera is located.
Primary Street Blockprimary_st_blocknumberThe estimated block number the camera is located at.
Primary Streetprimary_sttextThe primary street the camera is close to.
Cross Street Blockcross_st_blocknumberThe estimated block number along the cross streets the camera is located at.
Cross Streetcross_sttextThe cross street the camera is close to.
COA Intersection IDcoa_intersection_idnumberThe unique ID given to the nearby intersection.
Modified Datemodified_datedateThe date that the data was last changed.
LocationlocationlocationThe location of the camera given in latitude and longitude.
IP Comm Statusip_comm_statustextThe IP communication status of the camera.
IP Comm Status Date and Timecomm_status_datetime_utcdateThe UTC date/time at which the communication status was updated.
Published Screenshotspublished_screenshotstextIf this camera is allowed to publish screenshots every 5 minutes.
Screenshot Addressscreenshot_addresstextThe web address to the camera's most recent screenshot.
FundingfundingtextThe funding source for purchase and installation of this device.