Energy Efficiency Program Expenditures | Last Updated 6 Jan 2020

To pursue the Austin City Council’s policies in energy efficiency, Austin Energy invests millions of dollars in these programs so our customers can benefit from lower usage and bills. Unspent Energy Efficiency Services weatherization funds for FY 2015 are now carried over into the FY 2016 budget. Customer Assistance Program weatherization assistance funds have historically been carried forward into subsequent budget years. Find more information at and

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This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Electric Rebates and Incentiveselectric_rebates_and_incentivestext
FY 2006fy_2006number
FY 2007fy_2007number
FY 2008fy_2008number
FY 2009fy_2009number
FY 2010fy_2010number
FY 2011fy_2011number
FY 2012fy_2012number
FY 2013fy_2013number
FY 2014fy_2014number
FY 2015fy_2015number
FY 2016fy_2016number
FY 2017fy_2017number
FY 2018fy_2018number