EMS- FY2015 Annual Report Academy Cadets x Fiscal Year

data.austintexas.gov | Last Updated 21 Sep 2017

** Static Data Set ** This table shows ATCEMS Performance Data for the past three fiscal years. It has been uploaded to support the ATCEMS FY2015 annual report. THE DATA IN THIS TABLE WILL NOT BE UPDATED.

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This dataset has the following 19 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Fiscal Year IDfy_idnumberUnique identifier for fiscal year record.
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yeartextFiscal year name.
Incident Countops_incidentsnumberCount of incidents to which ATCEMS responded for the fiscal year.
Response Countops_responsesnumberCount of responses performed by ATCEMS for the fiscal year.
System Response Time Complianceops_responsetimecompliance_allnumberOverall percentage of incidents for which ATCEMS met response time goals.
Patient Contact Countops_pt_contactsnumberCount of patients contacted by ATCEMS personnel for the fiscal year.
Patient Transport Countops_pt_transportsnumberCount of patients transported by ATCEMS units for the fiscal year.
911 Call Countcomm_911_callsnumberCount of 911 calls managed by the Communications Center during the fiscal year.
CE Contact Hoursce_contact_hrsnumberTotal contact hours of continuing education provided by ATCEMS staff during the fiscal year.
Academy Cadetsacademy_cadetsnumberCount of academy cadets trained during the fiscal year.
Special Event Unit Hoursspevents_unit_hrsnumberTotal unit hours dedicated to Special Event coverage during the fiscal year.
Special Events Revenuespevents_revenuenumberTotal revenue received for Special Event coverage during the fiscal year.
EOC Activation Countemermgmt_eoc_activnumberNumber of times ATCEMS personnel participated in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activation during the fiscal year.
Car Seats Distributedcr_car_seats_distributednumberCount of car seats distributed by Community Relations personnel during the fiscal year.
Injury Prevention Citizen Contactscr_injury_prevention_citizensnumberCount of citizens involved in Injury Prevention programs during the fiscal year.
Citizens Trained in CPRcr_cpr_citizens_trainednumberCount of citizens receiving CPR training through Community Relations programs during the fiscal year.
CHP Clientschp_clientsnumberCount of clients enrolled in the Community Health Paramedic (CHP) program during the fiscal year.
CHP Contactschp_contactsnumberCount of client contacts performed by CHP personnel during the fiscal year.
On-Time Fleet Maintenancefleet_maintenancenumberPercentage of vehicles receiving preventive maintenance when scheduled to do so during the fiscal year.