2014 Crime Incidents

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Crimes reported in Baton Rouge for the year 2014 and handled by the Baton Rouge Police Department. Crimes include Burglaries (Vehicle, Residential and Non-residential), Robberies (Individual and Business), Auto Theft, Homicides and Rapes. Please see the disclaimer in the attachments section of the About page.

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This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
FILE NUMBERfile_numbernumberBaton Rouge Police Department report number
OFFENSE DATEoffense_datecalendar_dateDate of when the crime occurred
OFFENSE TIMEoffense_timetextTime of day (in 24 hours) when the crime occurred
CRIMEcrimetextCrime type general category
COMMITTEDa_ctextIndicates if the crime was attempted or committed
OFFENSEoffensetextLouisiana Revised Statues (LRS) code of the crime incident
OFFENSE DESCRIPTIONoffense_desctextDescription of the crime incident
FULL ADDRESSaddresstextFormatted full street address of where the crime incident occurred
ADDRESS NUMBERst_numbernumberStreet address number where the crime occurred
STREET DIRECTIONst_dirtextStreet prefix direction of the road where the crime occurred
STREET NAMEst_nametextStreet name of the road where the crime occurred
STREET TYPEst_typetextStreet suffix type of the road where the crime occurred
DISTRICTdistricttextBaton Rouge Police Department District number where the crime occurred
ZONEzonetextBaton Rouge Police Department Zone within a District where the crime occurred
SUBZONEsubzonetextBaton Rouge Police Department Subzone number within a Zone where the crime occurred
COMPLETE DISTRICTcomplete_districttextThe concatenated Baton Rouge Police Department District, Zone and Subzone
GEOLOCATIONgeolocationlocationFull crime street address for geocoding