2017 Crime Incidents

data.brla.gov | Last Updated 8 Feb 2018

Crimes reported in Baton Rouge during 2016 and handled by the Baton Rouge Police Department. Crimes include Burglaries (Vehicle, Residential and Non-residential), Robberies (Individual and Business), Auto Theft, Homicides and Rapes. In order to protect the privacy of rape victims, Rape Incidents are not geocoded and will not be mapped. Please see the disclaimer in the attachments section of the About page.

Tags: police, crime, brpd

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
FILE NUMBERfile_numbernumberBaton Rouge Police Department report number
OFFENSE DATEoffense_datecalendar_dateDate of when the crime occurred
OFFENSE TIMEoffense_timetextTime of day (in 24 hours) when the crime occurred
CRIMEcrimetextCrime type general category
COMMITTEDa_ctextIndicates if the crime was attempted or committed
OFFENSEoffensetextLouisiana Revised Statues (LRS) code of the crime incident
OFFENSE DESCRIPTIONoffense_desctextDescription of the crime incident
FULL ADDRESSaddresstextFormatted full street address of where the crime incident occurred
ADDRESS NUMBERst_numbernumberStreet address number where the crime occurred
STREET DIRECTIONst_dirtextStreet prefix direction of the road where the crime occurred
STREET NAMEst_nametextStreet name of the road where the crime occurred
STREET TYPEst_typetextStreet suffix type of the road where the crime occurred
DISTRICTdistricttextBaton Rouge Police Department District number where the crime occurred
ZONEzonetextBaton Rouge Police Department Zone within a District where the crime occurred
SUBZONEsubzonetextBaton Rouge Police Department Subzone number within a Zone where the crime occurred
COMPLETE DISTRICTcomplete_districttextThe concatenated Baton Rouge Police Department District, Zone and Subzone
GEOLOCATIONgeolocationlocationFull crime street address for geocoding