Validation of Urban Freeway Models [supporting datasets] | Last Updated 24 May 2019

The goal of the SHRP 2 Project L33 Validation of Urban Freeway Models was to assess and enhance the predictive travel time reliability models developed in the SHRP 2 Project L03, Analytic Procedures for Determining the Impacts of Reliability Mitigation Strategies. SHRP 2 Project L03, which concluded in 2010, developed two categories of reliability models to be used for the estimation or prediction of travel time reliability within planning, programming, and systems management contexts: data-rich and data-poor models. The objectives of Project L33 were the following: • The first was to validate the most important models – the “Data Poor” and “Data Rich” models with new datasets. • The second objective was to assess the validation outcomes to recommend potential enhancements. • The third was to explore enhancements and develop a final set of predictive equations. • The fourth was to validate the enhanced models. • The last was to develop a clear set of application guidelines for practitioner use of the project outputs. The datasets in these 5 zip files are in support of SHRP 2 Report S2-L33-RW-1, Validation of Urban Freeway Models, The 5 zip files contain a total of 60 comma separated value (.csv) files. The compressed zip files total 3.8 GB in size. The files have been uploaded as-is; no further documentation was supplied. These files can be unzipped using any zip compression/decompression software. The files can be read in any simple text editor. [software requirements] Note: Data files larger than 1GB each. Direct data download links: L03-01: L03-02: L03-03: L03-04: L03-05:

Tags: freeways, traffic data, traffic models, travel time, urban highways, validation, intelligent transportation systems, travel time reliability, strategic highway research program 2 (shrp2), shrp2 project l33