Effectiveness of Different Approaches to Disseminating Traveler Information on Travel Time Reliability [supporting datasets]

data.bts.gov | Last Updated 24 May 2019

Travel time reliability information includes static data about traffic speeds or trip times that capture historic variations from day to day, and it can help individuals understand the level of variation in traffic. Unlike real-time travel time information, which provides a current snapshot of trip conditions and travel time, reliability information can be used to plan and budget in advance for a trip. Travel time reliability information can improve urban mobility by conveying reliability-related information to system users so that they can make informed decisions about their travel. Data files in this zipped package include macro-enabled Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets operate as interactive games. To save them into open formats would destroy this functionality. Therefore the macro-enabled spreadsheets are left as-is. There were opened prior to ingest in this repository using Microsoft Excel 2010. This dataset supports SHRP 2 report S2-L14-RW-1, Effectiveness of different approaches to disseminating traveler information on travel time reliability. Zip contains 628 MB. Files were accessed with Microsoft Excel 2016. Data will be preserved as it is. For the publication see: https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov/view/dot/3607

Tags: definitions, human factors, information dissemination, messages (communications), nonrecurrent congestion, state of the practice, traffic delays, travel time, traveler information and communication systems, intelligent transportation systems, travel time reliability, strategic highway research program 2, shrp2 project l14