Civic Census by Community and Dwelling Structure | Last Updated 13 Dec 2019

Community-level tabulations of annual census counts of residents, dwellings, and dwelling occupancy, categorized by dwelling structure type. Community boundaries can change over time. These results are based on the community boundaries at the time of data collection in each year.

Tags: census, population, census2018

This dataset has the following 16 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
CENSUS_YEARcensus_yearnumberYear the data was collected
COMM_CODEcodetextAbbreviation used to represent communities
COMMUNITYcommunitytextName of the community
WARDwardtextMunicipal electoral ward
DWELLING_TYPEdwelling_typetextRefers to the physical building or structure in which the dwelling unit is located. It is not a reference to the use or ownership of the dwelling.
DWELLING_TYPE_CODEdwelling_type_codetextNumerical code of the dwelling type.
DWELLING_TYPE_DESCRIPTIONdwelling_type_descriptiontextDescription of the dwelling type.
DWELLING_CNTdwelling_cntnumberCount of dwellings
RESIDENT_CNTresident_cntnumberCount of residents. A person who maintains residence in the city is considered a resident. Residents include newly arrived persons, persons absent for educational purposes, persons temporarily at remote work sites, etc.
OCPD_DWELLING_CNTocpd_dwelling_cntnumberCount of dwellings with confirmed residents
VACANT_DWELLING_CNTvacant_dwelling_cntnumberCount of dwelling units uninhabited at the time of the census, but suitable and available for occupancy
OCPD_OWNERSHIP_CNTocpd_ownership_cntnumberCount of dwellings occupied by home owners
RENOVATION_DWELLING_CNTrenovation_dwelling_cntnumberCount of dwelling units vacant because of renovations
UNDER_CONST_DWELLING_CNTunder_const_dwelling_cntnumberCount of dwelling units under construction. A dwelling unit is considered under construction as as soon as the foundation is poured, and until it is ready for occupancy.
INACTIVE_CNTinactive_cntnumberCount of inactive dwelling units. A dwelling unit that is part of a multi-dwelling unit structure and is being used as part of another dwelling unit in the same physical structure (e.g. both halves of a duplex used by one family); or a vacant pad in a mobile home park; or a converted structure unit like a basement suite, which is not occupied as a dwelling unit, has not been removed, is not being renovated but is not available for occupancy; or a dwelling unit that has been boarded-up, scheduled for demolition, fenced or taped off, condemned, or otherwise uninhabitable.
OTHER_PURPOSE_CNTother_purpose_cntnumberCount of structures or units originally built as a dwelling and which could be used as a dwelling again, but which is presently used for a non-residential purpose (e.g. show home)