Civic Census Citywide | Last Updated 28 Nov 2019

Citywide tabulations of annual census counts of residents, dwellings, and dwelling occupancy.

Tags: census, population, census2018

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
CENSUS_YEARcensus_yearcalendar_dateYear the data was collected
DWELLING_CNTdwelling_cntnumberCount of dwellings
RESIDENT_CNTresident_cntnumberCount of residents. A person who maintains residence in the city is considered a resident. Residents include newly arrived persons, persons absent for educational purposes, persons temporarily at remote work sites, etc.
OCPD_DWELLING_CNTocpd_dwelling_cntnumberCount of dwellings with confirmed residents
VACANT_DWELLING_CNTvacant_dwelling_cntnumberCount of dwelling units uninhabited at the time of the census, but suitable and available for occupancy
OCPD_OWNERSHIP_CNTocpd_ownership_cntnumberCount of dwellings occupied by home owners
RENOVATION_DWELLING_CNTrenovation_dwelling_cntnumberCount of dwelling units vacant because of renovations
UNDER_CONST_DWELLING_CNTunder_const_dwelling_cntnumberCount of dwelling units under construction. A dwelling unit is considered under construction as as soon as the foundation is poured, and until it is ready for occupancy.
INACTIVE_CNTinactive_cntnumberCount of inactive dwelling units. A dwelling unit that is part of a multi-dwelling unit structure and is being used as part of another dwelling unit in the same physical structure (e.g. both halves of a duplex used by one family); or a vacant pad in a mobile home park; or a converted structure unit like a basement suite, which is not occupied as a dwelling unit, has not been removed, is not being renovated but is not available for occupancy; or a dwelling unit that has been boarded-up, scheduled for demolition, fenced or taped off, condemned, or otherwise uninhabitable.
OTHER_PURPOSE_CNTother_purpose_cntnumberCount of structures or units originally built as a dwelling and which could be used as a dwelling again, but which is presently used for a non-residential purpose (e.g. show home)