Labor Force & Resident Unemployment Rate 1974 - 2018 | Last Updated 6 Mar 2019

This data set provides information about the Cambridge labor force, those residents of Cambridge who are either employed or actively seeking employment. Includes data on the size of the labor force, the seasonally unadjusted employment rate for Cambridge and the unadjusted employment rates for the state and nation. Note that these data are periodically revised.

Tags: labor force, unemployment rate

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyeartextAll figures published here are annual averages.
Labor Forcecambridge_labor_forcenumberThe labor force consists of all those persons who are currently employed or actively seeking employment.
Employed Residentsemployed_residentsnumberEmployed residents include those who receive a paycheck from an employer, self-employed persons, and a small number of unpaid family workers.
Unemployed Residentsunemployed_residentsnumberResidents are counted as unemployed if they have actively sought employment in the prior four weeks and are available for work.
Resident Unemployment Ratecambridge_resident_unemployment_ratenumberSeasonally unadjusted unemployment rate for Cambridge residents.
Statewide Ratestatewide_ratenumberSeasonally unadjusted unemployment rate for Massachusetts residents.
National Ratenational_ratenumberSeasonally unadjusted unemployment rate for United States residents. Note that these figures differ from the adjusted rate typically published in the press.