NNDSS - Table II. Cryptosporidiosis to Dengue

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NNDSS - Table II. Cryptosporidiosis to Dengue - 2016. In this Table, provisional* cases of selected† notifiable diseases (≥1,000 cases reported during the preceding year), and selected low frequency diseases are displayed. The Table includes total number of cases reported in the United States, by region and by states, in accordance with the current method of displaying MMWR data. Data on United States exclude counts from US territories. Note: These are provisional cases of selected national notifiable diseases, from the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS). NNDSS data reported by the 50 states, New York City, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories are collated and published weekly as numbered tables printed in the back of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). Cases reported by state health departments to CDC for weekly publication are provisional because of ongoing revision of information and delayed reporting. Case counts in this table are presented as they were published in the MMWR issues. Therefore, numbers listed in later MMWR weeks may reflect changes made to these counts as additional information becomes available. Footnotes: C.N.M.I.: Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands. U: Unavailable. -: No reported cases. N: Not reportable. NN: Not Nationally Notifiable. NP: Nationally notifiable but not published. Cum: Cumulative year-to-date counts. Med: Median. Max: Maximum. * Case counts for reporting year 2016 are provisional and subject to change. For further information on interpretation of these data, see http://wwwn.cdc.gov/nndss/document/ ProvisionalNationaNotifiableDiseasesSurveillanceData20100927.pdf. Data for TB are displayed in Table IV, which appears quarterly. † Three low incidence conditions, rubella, rubella congenital, and tetanus, are in Table II to facilitate case count verification with reporting jurisdictions. § Includes data for dengue and dengue-like illness. Office of Management and Budget approval of the NNDSS Revision #0920-0728 on January 21, 2016, authorized CDC to receive data for these conditions. CDC is in the process of soliciting data for these conditions.

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This dataset has the following 35 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Reporting Areareporting_areatext
MMWR Yearmmwryearnumber
MMWR Weekmmwrweeknumber
Cryptosporidiosis, Current weekcryptosporidiosis_current_weeknumber
Cryptosporidiosis, Current week, flagcryptosporidiosis_current_week_flagtext
Cryptosporidiosis, Previous 52 weeks Medcryptosporidiosis_previous_52_weeks_mednumber
Cryptosporidiosis, Previous 52 weeks Med, flagcryptosporidiosis_previous_52_weeks_med_flagtext
Cryptosporidiosis, Previous 52 weeks Maxcryptosporidiosis_previous_52_weeks_maxnumber
Cryptosporidiosis, Previous 52 weeks Max, flagcryptosporidiosis_previous_52_weeks_max_flagtext
Cryptosporidiosis, Cum 2016cryptosporidiosis_cum_2016number
Cryptosporidiosis, Cum 2016, flagcryptosporidiosis_cum_2016_flagtext
Cryptosporidiosis, Cum 2015cryptosporidiosis_cum_2015number
Cryptosporidiosis, Cum 2015, flagcryptosporidiosis_cum_2015_flagtext
Dengue§, Current weekdengue_current_weeknumber
Dengue§, Current week, flagdengue_current_week_flagtext
Dengue§, Previous 52 weeks Meddengue_previous_52_weeks_mednumber
Dengue§, Previous 52 weeks Med, flagdengue_previous_52_weeks_med_flagtext
Dengue§, Previous 52 weeks Maxdengue_previous_52_weeks_maxnumber
Dengue§, Previous 52 weeks Max, flagdengue_previous_52_weeks_max_flagtext
Dengue§, Cum 2016dengue_cum_2016number
Dengue§, Cum 2016, flagdengue_cum_2016_flagtext
Dengue§, Cum 2015dengue_cum_2015number
Dengue§, Cum 2015, flagdengue_cum_2015_flagtext
Dengue Severe, Current weekdengue_severe_current_weeknumber
Dengue Severe, Current week, flagdengue_severe_current_week_flagtext
Dengue Severe, Previous 52 weeks Meddengue_severe_previous_52_weeks_mednumber
Dengue Severe, Previous 52 weeks Med, flagdengue_severe_previous_52_weeks_med_flagtext
Dengue Severe, Previous 52 weeks Maxdengue_severe_previous_52_weeks_maxnumber
Dengue Severe, Previous 52 weeks Max, flagdengue_severe_previous_52_weeks_max_flagtext
Dengue Severe, Cum 2016dengue_severe_cum_2016number
Dengue Severe, Cum 2016, flagdengue_severe_cum_2016_flagtext
Dengue Severe, Cum 2015dengue_severe_cum_2015number
Dengue Severe, Cum 2015, flagdengue_severe_cum_2015_flagtext
Location 1location_1location
Location 2location_2location