City of Berkeley Employee Salaries - 2011 | Last Updated 10 May 2016

All salaries as reported on Transparent California,, for 2011

Tags: employee salaries

This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Employee Nameemployee_nametext
Job Titlejob_titletext
Base Paybase_paynumber
Overtime Payovertime_paynumberThe “Overtime pay” column includes overtime compensation as the reporting agency classifies it.
Other Payother_paynumberThe "Other pay" category includes the compensation in the numerous other pay categories some public employees receive.
Total Benefitstotal_benefitsnumber"Total benefits" only includes benefits directly received by the employee: medical insurance (health, dental, and vision) and employer-paid retirement contributions. The total cost of the employee will be higher than the values reported here as there are associated costs (such as workman's comp, state unemployment insurance, medicare/SS costs, etc) that we do not report as employee compensation.
Total Paytotal_paynumber
Total Pay Benefitstotal_pay_benefitsnumberThe "Total pay & benefits" column underreports the total compensation of government employees whose government employer did not provided complete salary or benefit information.