General Government Budget - Revenues | Last Updated 20 May 2020

General Government budget-to-actual revenues for all funds since FY2011.

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearnumberFiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th.
Revenue Sourcerevenue_sourcetextUnique code that identifies the source of the revenue.
Revenue Typerevenue_typetextCategory of revenue sources.
DepartmentdepartmenttextBasic organizational unit of government that is functionally unique in delivering services. Departments are made up of units.
UnitunittextUnits have different areas of responsibility within a department.
FundfundtextFirst organizational unit of finance. Funds are designated for specific uses.
Fund Typefund_typetextThe City of Gainesville uses six types of funds-General Fund, Special Revenue, Debt Service, Capital Projects, Propietary and Fiduciary.
Proposed Amountproposed_amountnumberThe projected amount to be budgeted.
Adopted Amountadopted_amountnumberAmount adopted by the City Commission.
Amended Amountamended_amountnumberAmount that includes any increases or decreases to the Adopted Amount.
Actual Amountactual_amountnumberAmount that has been received.
Unique IDunique_idtext