FY2017 PMMR Spending and Budget Tables

data.cityofnewyork.us | Last Updated 25 Oct 2019

NYC agency spending and budget information by units of appropriation data from the Preliminary Mayor's Management Report (PMMR) <i>Use ‘CSV for Excel’ when downloading this dataset and then sort in alphabetical order by Agency.<i>

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This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
AgyagytextNumeric code for the agency
Agy_Nameagy_nametextThe agency’s name
UAuatextNumeric code for the unit of appropriation within the agency
UA_Nameua_nametextName for the unit of appropriation within the agency
PS_OTPS_Indps_otps_indtextIndicates Personal Services or Other Than Personal Services
FY 16 Expfy_16_expnumberExpenditures in dollars as reported in the City’s Fiscal 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; figures reflect all funds
FY 17 Adoptedfy_17_adoptednumberBudgeted amounts in dollars for Fiscal 2017 as reported in the Fiscal 2017 adopted budget; figures reflect all funds