LEAP Contract Hour totals with LEAP Hours

data.cityoftacoma.org | Last Updated 28 Aug 2017

This is a monthly average of rates of pay for LEAP program participants. LEAP qualified participants work on City of Tacoma construction contracts. The City of Tacoma has defined requirements for LEAP qualified employee participation in these construction contracts. For further information on the Local Employment and Apprenticeship Program, view the web page on the www.cityoftacoma.org website.

Tags: leap, leap program, local employement and apprenticeship program, apprenticeship program

This dataset has the following 3 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Reporting Month and Yearprdatecalendar_dateThis represents the monthly average for all hours work during this month and year.
All Hours worked on LEAP Projectstotalallhoursnumber
Monthly Total LEAP Hourstotalleaphoursnumber