High School Cohort Outcome Data by Gender and Race/Ethnicity, San Bernardino County, 2010-2015

data.communityvitalsigns.org | Last Updated 1 Mar 2017

This dataset contains a number of outcome variables for high school cohorts for school years ending in 2010-2015 in San Bernardino County, by race/ethnicity and gender.

Tags: education, high school, graduate, dropout, outcome, special ed, ged, race, ethnicity, gender

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
School Year Endingschool_year_endingcalendar_date
Cohort Studentscohort_studentsnumber
Cohort Graduatescohort_graduatesnumber
Cohort Graduation Ratecohort_graduation_ratenumber
Cohort Dropoutscohort_dropoutsnumber
Cohort Dropouts Ratecohort_dropouts_ratenumber
Cohort Special Ed Completerscohort_special_ed_completersnumber
Cohort Special Ed Completers Ratecohort_special_ed_completers_ratenumber
Cohort Still Enrolledcohort_still_enrollednumber
Cohort Still Enrolled Ratecohort_still_enrolled_ratenumber
Cohort GED Completercohort_ged_completernumber
Cohort GED Completer Ratecohort_ged_completer_ratenumber