Manufacturing Assistance Act Point Map | Last Updated 12 Jun 2019

This map is a visualization of the MAA projects on the Department of Economic and Community Development - Business Assistance Portfolio dataset. This map is updated in accordance with with the schedule of that dataset.

Tags: executive order 38, decd, department of economic and community development, business assistance, grant, loan

This dataset has the following 22 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yeartextBased on State Fiscal Year in which the contract was signed, i.e. July 1 to June 30..
Company Namecompany_nametextEntity receiving financial assistance from DECD. Companies with an “*” also received Urban and Industrial Site Reinvestment Tax Credit.
Company Addresscompany_addresstextCompany location
MunicipalitymunicipalitytextTown, city, borough
Zip Codezip_codetextCompany location
Business Industrybusiness_industrytextBusiness Activity of the Company.
NAICS Codenaics_codetextNorth American Industry Classification System
Minority/ Woman/ Veteran/ International Exportwoman_minority_veteran_international_exporttextIndicates if Company is 51% minority-owned, woman-owned, or veteran-owned, or if the Company is engaged heavily in international exporting.
Contract Execution Datecontract_execution_datecalendar_dateIf applicable, this date represents the date the contract was signed by the DECD Commissioner.
Grant Amountgrant_amountnumberAmount of DECD grant funding being provided to the Company.
Loan Amountloan_amountnumberAmount of DECD loan funding being provided to the Company.
Total Assistancetotal_assistancenumberTotal amount of DECD funding being provided to the Company.
Total Project Costtotal_project_costnumberTotal amount of DECD and non-DECD funding being used to complete the project.
Amount Leveragedamount_leveragednumberAmount of non-DECD funding for the project.
Funding Sourcefunding_sourcetextName of State business assistance program.
Statutory Referencestatutory_referencetextLocation of legal authority for which the funding and program requirements are provided.
Job Obligation Statusjob_obligation_statustextDid the Company meet its employment obligation? Did the Company not meet its employment obligation? Is the Company's contractual job obligation still pending?
Penalty (if applicable)penalty_if_applicabletextPenalty imposed on a Company for failing to meet its contractual employment obligation. Typically , it is an interest rate increase or specific dollar amount to be repaid.
Forgiveness Earned (if applicable)forgiveness_earned_if_applicablenumberAmount of loan forgiven if contractual employment requirements are met.
StatusstatustextIndicates if company is still operating ,or if it is out of business.