Connecticut Fire Department Incidents (2012-2016) | Last Updated 19 Apr 2019

This dataset contains Connecticut Fire Department Incidents as reported to the National Fire Department Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). Note that the 2014 and 2016 data has far more entries than the other years. In particular, they detail "False Alarm and False Calls" and "Rescue and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Incidents" NFIRS collects details on Fire, HazMat and EMS incidences nationwide, detailing the type of incident, where it occurred, the resources used to mitigate it and more, with a goal of understanding the nature and causes of the incidents. Information is also collected on the number of civilian or firefighter casualties and an estimate of property loss. Participation in NFIRS is voluntary. Data is released yearly, with a considerable delay. Each Incidence is assigned a 3 digit Incidence Type Code. The code describes the situation emergency personnel found when they arrived. Incidence Types are grouped into larger categories, called Series. For example, Series 400, 'Hazardous Condition' category includes incidence types: 411, 'Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill; 412, 'Gas leak and 413, 'Oil or other combustible liquid spill '. Not every Incidence Type is included in the data. In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, the NFIRS data releases contained these Series/Incidence Types: Series 100: Fire Incidences, Series 400: Hazardous Condition (No Fire), Incidence Type 561: Unauthorized burning, under the 'Service Call' Series, Incidence Type 631: Authorized Controlled Burning, under the 'Good Intent Call' series and Incidence Type 632: Prescribed fires also under the 'Good Intent Call' series. The 2014 and 2016 release included these additional series: 200: Overpressure Rupture, Explosion, Overheat (No Fire), 300: Rescue and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Incidents, 500: Service Calls, 600: Good Intent Call Series, 700: False Alarm and False Call, 800 Severe Weather and Natural Disaster 900: Special Incident Type. The official NFIRS documentation has been attached to this dataset. This dataset does not contain all the detail available in the NFIRS database. If after reviewing the documentation, you find additional information you would like added to the dataset, please let us know.

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This dataset has the following 48 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Reporting Yearreporting_yearnumber
Fire Department Header Keyfire_department_header_keytext
Fire Department Namefire_department_nametext
Incident dateincident_datecalendar_date
Incident Numberincident_numbernumber
Exposure Numberexposure_numbernumber
Fire Department Stationfire_department_stationtext
Incident Type Codeincident_type_codenumber
Incident Typeincident_typetext
Aid Given or Received Codeaid_given_or_received_codetext
Aid Given or Receivedaid_given_or_receivedtext
Number of Alarmsnumber_of_alarmstext
Alarm Date and Timealarm_date_and_timecalendar_date
Arrival Date and Timearrival_date_and_timecalendar_date
Incident Controlled Date and Timeincident_controlled_date_and_timecalendar_date
Last Unit Cleared Date and Timelast_unit_cleared_date_and_timecalendar_date
Fire Department Shiftfire_department_shifttext
Actions Taken 1actions_taken_1text
Actions Taken 2actions_taken_2text
Actions Taken 3actions_taken_3text
Number of Suppression Apparatusnumber_of_suppression_apparatusnumber
Number of Suppression Personnelnumber_of_suppression_personnelnumber
Number of EMS Apparatusnumber_of_ems_apparatusnumber
Number of EMS Personnelnumber_of_ems_personnelnumber
Number of Other Apparatusnumber_of_other_apparatusnumber
Number of Other Personnelnumber_of_other_personnelnumber
Property Valueproperty_valuenumber
Propery Losspropery_lossnumber
Contents Valuecontents_valuenumber
Contents Losscontents_lossnumber
Fire Service Deathsfire_service_deathsnumber
Fire Service Injuriesfire_service_injuriesnumber
Other Fire Deathsother_fire_deathsnumber
Other Fire Injuriesother_fire_injuriesnumber
Detector Alerted Codedetector_alerted_codetext
Detector Alerted Occupantsdetector_alerted_occupantstext
Hazardous Materials Released Codehazardous_materials_released_codetext
Hazardous Materials Releasedhazardous_materials_releasedtext
Mized Use Property Codesmized_use_property_codestext
Mixed Use Propertymixed_use_propertytext
Property Use Codeproperty_use_codetext
Property Useproperty_usetext
Incident Street Addressincident_street_addresstext
Incident Apartment Numberincident_apartment_numbertext
Incident Cityincident_citytext
Incident Zip Codeincident_zip_codetext
Census Tractcensus_tractnumber