ENERGY STAR Certified Commercial Ice Machines | Last Updated 13 Mar 2018

Certified models meet all ENERGY STAR requirements as listed in the Version 2.0 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Automatic Commercial Ice Makers that were effective as of Feb. 1, 2013 and Version 3.0 that are effective as of January 28, 2018 . A detailed listing of key efficiency criteria are available at

This dataset has the following 23 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ENERGY STAR Unique IDpd_idnumberThe ENERGY STAR Unique ID (ESUID) is a string of seven numbers EPA assigns to an ENERGY STAR model or set of models with unique performance characteristics. This ESUID is unique to both the model and product specification version and is assigned by EPA upon receipt of certification information from the certification body. Each row within the product list will have a unique ESUID. Developers may wish to use this ESUID to track information on certified models in their information systems.
ENERGY STAR Partnerenergy_star_partnertextAn organization that signed a Partnership Agreement with EPA to manufacture or private label ENERGY STAR qualified products.
Brand Namebrand_nametextAn identifier assigned by the manufacturer or private labeler to a product or family/series of products for sales and marketing purposes.
Model Namemodel_nametextAn identifier assigned by the manufacturer or private labeler to a product or family/series of products for sales and marketing purposes.
Model Numbermodel_numbertextA distinguishing identifier, usually alphanumeric, assigned to a product by the manufacturer or private labeler.
Additional Model Informationadditional_model_informationtextThis column includes for the qualified model or family, family members, additional model names, model numbers and other identifying information associated with a product or family/series of products for sales and marketing purposes. Other identifying information includes, but is not limited to, SKUs, UPC codes, retail numbers, and/or descriptions of models included/not included in the reported Model Family.
Equipment Typeequipment_typetextThe type of equipment category the ice maker falls into. The three categories include Ice Making Head (IMH), Remote Condensing Unit (RCU) with remote compressor, Remote Condensing Unit (RCU) without remote compressor, and Self-Contained Unit (SCU).
Ice Typeice_typetextThe type of ice the ice maker produces. Options include batch-type (which include cube type ice and other batch technologies) and continuous-type (which include flake and nugget ice types).
Harvest Rate (lbs ice/day)harvest_rate_lbs_ice_daynumberThe gross weight of ice harvested, stated in lb/24 h [kg/24 h], stated in multiples of 1.
Energy Use (kWh/100 lbs ice)energy_use_kwh_100_lbs_icenumberThe total energy input rate, stated in kWh/100 lb [kWh/45.0 kg] of ice. For continuous type commercial ice makers this reflects the measured energy consumption per 100 lbs ice, multiplied by the ice hardness adjustment factor. (For batch type commercial ice makers the ice hardness is assumed to be 100%, therefore no adjustment is needed.) For RCU (with remote compressor), total energy consumed shall include the energy use of the ice-making mechanism, the compressor and the remote condensing unit.
Refrigerant Typerefrigerant_typetextIndicates the refrigerant type used.
Potable Water Use (gal/100 lbs ice)potable_water_use_gal_100_lbs_icenumberThe amount of potable water used in making ice, which is equal to the sum of the ice harvested, Dump or Purge Water, and the Harvest Water expressed in gal/100 lb [L/45.0 kg] of ice, stated in multiples of 0.1. Alternatively, the amount of water entering the ice maker per cycle can be measured.
Ice Hardness Factorice_hardness_factornumberThe net cooling effect of ice harvested (Btu/lb) divided by 144 (Btu/lb), expressed as a percent. The Ice Hardness Factor for batch type machines is assumed to be 100%, but must be tested and reported for continuous type machine certification. (For certain models this may exceed 100%.)
Connected Functionalityconnected_functionalitytextIndicates whether the model offers advanced controls and increased functionality such as load shifting, ice level sensor and Demand Response exit points. Commercial ice machines with connected functionality are smart grid ready; if linked with your energy provider or an energy management system these products can dynamically adjust their energy use, potentially lowering electric bills.
Connects Usingconnects_usingtextProvides guidance about what is needed to enable connected capabilities like smart phone control, e.g. ‘WiFi’ or Zigbee.
Comminucation Standard Application Layercomminucation_standard_application_layertextOpen Standard - Application Layer include SEP 1.x, SEP2.x, OpenADR, etc.
Direct on-premises Open-standard Based Interconnectiondirect_on_premises_open_standard_based_interconnectiontextConnected products may or may not enable open-standards connectivity. Consider the following illustrative examples: "Yes" A product that can directly communicate using Wi-Fi and OpenADR, or wired Ethernet and SEP 2.x; "No" A product that uses proprietary communications to/from the cloud, and is capable of supporting open-standards communications only in the cloud.
Capabilities Summarycapabilities_summarytextThis summarizes the connected functionality capabilities if the model has connected functionality.
Condenser Unit Model Number (if applicable)condenser_unit_model_number_if_applicabletextIf the product type is RCU, this field provides the model number of the remote condenser unit that is to accompany the ice-making mechanism (i.e., what condenser the unit was tested with and qualifies for ENERGY STAR under).
Date Available on Marketdate_available_on_marketcalendar_dateThe date that the model is available for purchase.
Date Certifieddate_qualifiedcalendar_dateThe date on which the product was confirmed to meet the ENERGY STAR specification.
MarketsmarketstextIncludes products sold in the U.S. and/or Canada and other ENERGY STAR partner countries.
CB Model Identifierenergy_star_model_identifiertextA unique string of characters assigned by certification bodies (CBs) to identify a model or set of models with the same performance characteristics. This identifier should remain the same for a model even if it is recertified to a new version of an ENERGY STAR specification. This string of characters is determined by CBs and is not the ENERGY STAR Unique ID assigned by EPA.