Parking Infractions | Last Updated 14 Jan 2020

Parking Infractions and Warnings issued by Everett Police Officers, Parking Enforcement Officers, and Parks Rangers. Hand written tickets are not entered into the electronic system and are not included in this data set. Data is Updated Weekly on Monday or Tuesday.

Tags: police, transportation

This dataset has the following 19 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Ticket #tickettextThe parking ticket number
StatusstatustextStatus of ticket and payments: IS- Issued, WR- Warning, PA-Paid, RA- Administrative Cancellation, VR- Void Requested, VA- Void Approved, SF- Set Fine, NP- Not Payable Online, PP- Partial Payment, NF- Non Sufficient Funds, N1- Notice of Non Payment, N2 to N6- First to Fifth Notice of Final Due Date
Datedatecalendar_dateDate infraction was issued
TimetimetextTime infraction was issued
StatestatetextState vehicle is licensed in
MakemaketextMake of vehicle
ModelmodeltextModel or style of vehicle
Ordinance ViolatedarticletextOrdinance number
Infraction Typeinfraction_texttextType of violation
Street Block #blocktextStreet Block # where violation occurred
Street DirectiondirectiontextDirection description for street in relation to median
Street NamestreettextStreet Name
Time ZonedescriptornumberTime limit in zone, if provided
Parking Zoneparking_zonetextParking zone designation number or letter, if provided
Export Dateexport_datecalendar_dateDate and Time exported to the court
Handheld #client_idtextHandheld device number or client identification number
SoftwaresoftwaretextSoftware name and version number
Block Addressblock_addresstextFull block address of violation
X Y Coordinatesgeocoded_columnpointMapping coordinates of violation location