Fire 911 Unit Dispatches | Last Updated 21 Jan 2021

911 fire and emergency medical unit dispatches in the City of Everett, or outside city limits but responded to by Everett Fire Department vehicles. As multiple vehicles often respond to the same call, there can be multiple rows for a single event.

Tags: fire

This dataset has the following 22 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
StartDatetimestartdatetimecalendar_dateTime at which 911 operator first identified call as being fire or emergency medical related.
CallIDcallidtextUnique Sno911 identifier. Each responding agency has it's own incident #, but only one CallID.
Incident #incidentnumbertextNumber by which each responding agency identifies a call. The same call can have multiple incident #s if multiple agencies respond.
CallCategorycallcategorytext911 call types categorized as Fire, Medical, or Other. Blank values most commonly represent incorrect dispatches of fire vehicles to police calls and not actual incidents.
FinalCallTypefinalcalltypetext911 call type code. Not necessarily what firefighters found when they arrived, but rather how the dispatcher classified it based on the caller's statements.
FinalTypeDescriptionfinaltypedescriptiontextDescription of 911 call type code.
FinalCallPriorityfinalcallprioritytextRanks urgency of call from 1-5, 1 being the most urgent. Emergency situations are 1-3, where fire departments respond with lights and sirens.
LocationBy100Blocklocationby100blocktextIncident location, generalized to the 100 block. Calls with no location are usually highway or freeway responses with no corresponding street address.
CallLocationFireDepartmentcalllocationfiredepartmenttextFire department that has authority based on location of call - not necessarily which department responded.
NeighborhoodneighborhoodtextEverett neighborhood of call location. Blank value indicates call was outside city limits.
StationstationtextFire station traditionally responsible for call location. For high priority calls 911 dispatches the closest available unit, which may or may not be from this station.
QuadrantquadranttextSmaller zones that identify which fire department is responsible for location. Everett Fire quadrants start with BA. Does not always agree with city limits.
GeomCoordinategeomcoordinatepointLatitude/longitude of call, generalized to nearest 100 block.
RespondingFireDepartmentrespondingfiredepartmenttextFire department whose unit(s) were dispatched to the call. May not match Call Location Fire Department. Incident # corresponds to this department.
UnitNumberunitnumbertextFire or emergency medical vehicle number dispatched to call. E=Engine, L=Ladder, M=Medic, A=Aid Unit.
ArrivalOrderarrivalordernumberOrder in which this unit arrived on scene of this call. Blank value indicates unit did not arrive.
StartDateYearstartdateyeartextFor easier sorting of calls by year.
StartDateMonthstartdatemonthtextFor easier sorting of calls by month.
StartDateDaystartdatedaytextFor easier sorting of calls by day of month.
StartDateHourstartdatehournumberFor easier sorting of calls by hour.
CallFiltercallfiltertextFor rolling up unit dispatch information to the CallID level. Filter by CALLROW to return 1 row per call no matter how many agencies dispatched.
IncidentFilterincidentfiltertextFor rolling up unit dispatch information to the Incident level. Filter by INCIDENTROW to return 1 row per agency dispatched, no matter how many units.