Authorizations From 10/01/2006 Thru 09/30/2019 | Last Updated 22 Jan 2020

This file contains all authorizations approved between 10/01/2006 and 09/30/2019 Please note that the asterisked Working Capital transactions were extended during the period of EXIM Bank’s lapse in authority in conformance with original authorization agreements. These deals were originally authorized before the lapse as multiyear facilities with annual extensions. This record represents the extension of the prior authorization. EXIM did not authorize new business during its lapse in authority.

Tags: export import bank, guarantee, insurance, loan, working capital

This dataset has the following 34 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearnumberFiscal Year of the decision on a deal.
Unique Identifierunique_identifiertextA unique identifier attached to each deal.
Deal Numberdeal_numbertextThe deal identifier typically used in documents relating to a deal.
DecisiondecisiontextWhether a deal was Approved or Declined
Decision Datedecision_datecalendar_dateThe date of approval or denial.
Effective Dateeffective_datetextFor the insurance program, this is the effective date of an insurance policy. For guarantees and direct loans it is the operative date of the credit, and it is not applicable for Working Capital as the date is agreed upon between the delegated lender and the primary exporter.
Expiration Dateexpiration_datecalendar_dateThe expiration date for a guarantee or insurance policy.
BrokeredbrokeredtextA flag showing whether an insurance policy was brokered or not.
Deal Cancelleddeal_cancelledtextA flag showing if an approved transaction was cancelled after approval.
CountrycountrytextThe country where the credit risk is. This is typically the country of the buyer on a deal except for Working Capital guarantees or multibuyer insurance policies where the buyer is not known.
ProgramprogramtextThe financing program that was applied for.
Policy Typepolicy_typetextA code for the insurance policy type. (Policy Type decryption is listed below this table.) Note: this only applies to the Insurance program.
Decision Authoritydecision_authoritytextThe level of authority that made the decision on the deal.
Primary Export Product NAICS/SIC codeprimary_export_product_naics_sic_codetextThe industry code of the product that was exported when reported to EXIM Bank. A Standard Industry Classification code (SIC) is 4 digits, whereas the North American Industry Classification System code (NAICS) is 6.
Product Descriptionproduct_descriptiontextA generic description of the product that was exported.
TermtermtextThe length of the financing on a deal.
Primary Applicantprimary_applicanttextThe company name of principal Applicant on a deal. Note: for Working Capital Delegated Authority transactions the Primary Lender serves as the Primary Applicant for the Primary Exporter.
Primary Lenderprimary_lendertextThe company name of principal Lender on a deal.
Primary Exporterprimary_exportertextThe company name of principal Exporter on a deal.
Primary Exporter Cityprimary_exporter_citytextThe city of the Primary Exporter.
Primary Exporter State Codeprimary_exporter_state_codetextThe state abbreviation of the Primary Exporter.
Primary Exporter State Nameprimary_exporter_state_nametextThe state name of the Primary Exporter.
Primary Borrowerprimary_borrowertextThe company name of principal Borrower on a deal.
Primary Source of Repayment (PSOR)primary_source_of_repayment_psortextThe primary borrower or guarantor responsible for repayment.
Working Capital Delegated Authorityworking_capital_delegated_authoritytextA flag showing whether a Working Capital deal was decided under its' Delegated Authority program.
Approved/Declined Amountapproved_declined_amountnumberThe amount of financing approved or declined.
Disbursed/Shipped Amountdisbursed_shipped_amountnumberThe amount of the loan or guarantee that has been disbursed or the amount that has been shipped on an insurance policy as of the date this data set was generated.
Undisbursed Exposure Amountundisbursed_exposure_amountnumberThe difference between the Approved Amount and the Disbursed/Shipped Amount as of the date this data set was generated.
Outstanding Exposure Amountoutstanding_exposure_amountnumberThe portion of the Disbursed/Shipped Amount that has not been repaid as of the date this data set was generated.
Small Business Authorized Amountsmall_business_authorized_amountnumberThe portion of an approved amount that assisted a small business.
Woman Owned Authorized Amountwoman_owned_authorized_amountnumberThe portion of an approved amount that assisted a woman owned company.
Minority Owned Authorized Amountminority_owned_authorized_amountnumberThe portion of an approved amount that assisted a minority owned company.
Loan Interest Rateloan_interest_ratetextThe interest rate being applied to a Direct Loan.
Multiyear Working Capital Extensionmultiyear_working_capital_extensiontextThe asterisk (*) indicates that the deal shown is an extension of a previouslyapproved multi-year Working Capital facility.