B-7, Adjusted Gross Income by County

data.ftb.ca.gov | Last Updated 28 May 2019

This dataset contains adjusted gross income class tax statistics for California personal income tax return data by county.

This dataset has the following 13 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
IDidnumberRow identifier.
AGIC SortIDagic_sortidnumberThe field is used to sort AGIC.
Taxable Yeartaxable_yearnumberTaxable year for which tax returns were filed in a number format that can be used to filter and sort, as well as display in charts.
Year Time Dateyear_time_datecalendar_dateTaxable year for which tax returns were filed in time and date format.
AGICagictextCategory of taxpayers whose income falls within a specified adjusted gross income range.
CountycountytextPolitical and geographic subdivision area of California.
All Returnsall_returnstextNumber of all taxable and nontaxable returns filed.
All Joint Returnsall_joint_returnstextNumber of all joint taxable and nontaxable returns filed.
All Taxable Returnsall_taxable_returnstextNumber of all taxable returns.
Dependents On Returnsdependents_on_returnstextNumber dependents reported for all returns.
Adjusted Gross Incomeadjusted_gross_incomenumberTotal California adjusted gross income (AGI) reported.
Tax Assessedtax_assessednumberTotal tax assessed before credits.
LocationlocationlocationLongitude and longitude used for mapping visualization.