State Profiles: FY 2014 Public Libraries Survey (Data) | Last Updated 7 Sep 2017

Pull up a state's profile to find state-level totals on key data such as numbers of libraries and librarians, revenue and expenditures, and collection sizes.<br><br>These data include imputed values for libraries that did not submit information in the FY 2014 data collection. Imputation is a procedure for estimating a value for a specific data item where the response is missing. <br><br>Download PLS data files to see imputation flag variables or learn more on the imputation methods used in FY 2014 at

Tags: public library, 2014, state summary

This dataset has the following 64 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
STATEstatetext2-letter state ANSI code (STABR)
SERVICE AREA POPULATIONservice_area_populationnumberPopulation of the legal service area (POPU_LSA)
UNDUPLICATED POPULATIONunduplicated_populationnumberTotal unduplicated population of those areas in a state that receive library services. The population of unserved areas is not included in this figure. (POPU_UND)
STATE POPULATIONstate_populationnumberState population estimate (POPU_ST)
CENTRAL LIBRARIEScentral_librariesnumberNumber of central libraries (CENTLIB)
BRANCH LIBRARIESbranch_librariesnumberNumber of branch libraries (BRANLIB)
BOOKMOBILESbookmobilesnumberNumber of bookmobiles (BKMOB)
MLS LIBRARIAN STAFFmls_librarian_staffnumberNumber of full-time equivalent (FTE) paid librarians with master's degrees from programs of library and information studies accredited by the American Library Association (MASTER)
LIBRARIAN STAFFlibrarian_staffnumberNumber of FTE employees holding the title of librarian (LIBRARIA)
OTHER STAFFother_staffnumberAll other paid FTE employees (OTHPAID)
TOTAL STAFFtotal_staffnumberTotal paid FTE employees, a sum of Librarian Staff and Other Staff (TOTSTAFF)
LOCAL REVENUElocal_revenuenumberOperating revenue from local government (LOCGVT)
STATE REVENUEstate_revenuenumberOperating revenue from state government (STGVT)
FEDERAL REVENUEfederal_revenuenumberOperating revenue from federal government (FEDGVT)
OTHER REVENUEother_revenuenumberOther operating revenue (OTHINCM)
TOTAL REVENUEtotal_revenuenumberTotal operating revenue, a sum of Local, State, Federal, and Other Revenue (TOTINCM)
SALARIESsalariesnumberStaff operating expenditures for salaries and wages for all library staff (SALARIES)
BENEFITSbenefitsnumberStaff operating expenditures for employee benefits for all library staff (BENEFIT)
TOTAL STAFF EXPENDITUREStotal_staff_expendituresnumberTotal staff operating expenditures, a sum of Salaries and Benefits (STAFFEXP)
PRINT EXPENDITURESprint_expendituresnumberCollection operating expenditures for print materials (PRMATEXP)
ELECTRONIC EXPENDITURESelectronic_expendituresnumberCollection operating expenditures for electronic or digital materials (ELMATEXP)
OTHER COLLECTION EXPENDITURESother_collection_expendituresnumberCollection operating expenditures for other library materials (OTHMATEX)
TOTAL COLLECTION EXPENDITUREStotal_collection_expendituresnumberTotal collection operating expenditures, a sum of Print, Electronic, and Other Collection Expenditures (TOTEXPCO)
OTHER EXPENDITURESother_expendituresnumberOther operating expenditures (OTHOPEXP)
TOTAL EXPENDITUREStotal_expendituresnumberTotal operating expenditures, a sum of Total Staff, Total Collection, and Other Expenditures (TOTOEXP)
LOCAL CAPITAL REVENUElocal_capital_revenuenumberLocal government capital revenue (LCAP_REV)
STATE CAPITAL REVENUEstate_capital_revenuenumberState government capital revenue (SCAP_REV)
FEDERAL CAPITAL REVENUEfederal_capital_revenuenumberFederal government capital revenue (FCAP_REV)
OTHER CAPITAL REVENUEother_capital_revenuenumberOther capital revenue (OCAP_REV)
TOTAL CAPITAL REVENUEtotal_capital_revenuenumberTotal capital revenue, a sum of Local, State, Federal, and Other Capital Revenue (CAP_REV)
CAPITAL EXPENDITUREScapital_expendituresnumberTotal capital expenditures (CAPITAL)
PRINT MATERIALSprint_materialsnumberNumber of print materials in collection (BKVOL)
EBOOKSebooksnumberNumber of e-books in library collection (EBOOK)
AUDIO MATERIALSaudio_materialsnumberNumber of physical audio units in collection (AUDIO_PH)
AUDIO DOWNLOADSaudio_downloadsnumberNumber of downloadable audio titles in collection (AUDIO_DL)
VIDEO MATERIALSvideo_materialsnumberNumber of physical video units in collection (VIDEO_PH)
VIDEO DOWNLOADSvideo_downloadsnumberNumber of downloadable video titles in collection (VIDEO_DL)
LOCAL DATABASESlocal_databasesnumberNumber of licensed databases from local or other cooperative agreements (DB_LO_OT)
STATE DATABASESstate_databasesnumberNumber of state licensed databases (DB_ST)
TOTAL DATABASEStotal_databasesnumberTotal number of licensed databases (DATABASE)
PRINT SERIALSprint_serialsnumberNumber of print serial subscriptions (SUBSCRIP)
HOURShoursnumberTotal number of annual public service hours for all outlets (HRS_OPEN)
VISITSvisitsnumberTotal number of annual library visits for all outlets (VISITS)
REFERENCESreferencesnumberTotal number of annual reference transactions for all outlets (REFERENCE)
USERSusersnumberNumber of registered users for all outlets (REGBOR)
TOTAL CIRCULATIONtotal_circulationnumberTotal number of annual circulation transactions for all outlets (TOTCIR)
KIDS CIRCULATIONkids_circulationnumberTotal number of annual circulation transactions for children's materials for all outlets (KIDCIRL)
ELECTRONIC CIRCULATIONelectronic_circulationnumberTotal number of annual circulation transactions for electronic materials for all outlets (ELMATCIR)
LOANS TOloans_tonumberTotal number of annual inter-library loans provided to other libraries (LOANTO)
LOANS FROMloans_fromnumberTotal number of annual inter-library loans received from other libraries (LOANFM)
TOTAL PROGRAMStotal_programsnumberTotal number of library programs (TOTPRO)
KIDS PROGRAMSkids_programsnumberTotal number of children's programs (KIDPRO)
YA PROGRAMSya_programsnumberTotal number of young adult programs (YAPRO)
PROGRAM AUDIENCEprogram_audiencenumberTotal audience at all library programs (TOTATTEN)
KIDS PROGRAM AUDIENCEkids_program_audiencenumberTotal audience at all children's programs (KIDATTEN)
YA PROGRAM AUDIENCEya_program_audiencenumberTotal audience at all young adult programs (YAATTEN)
COMPUTERScomputersnumberNumber of internet computers used by general public (GPTERMS)
COMPUTER USEScomputer_usersnumberNumber of uses of public Internet computers (PITUSR)
WIFI SESSIONSwifi_sessionsnumberNumber of wireless sessions provided by the library's wifi (WIFISESS)
START DATEstart_datecalendar_dateReporting period starting date (STARTDAT)
END DATEend_datecalendar_dateReporting period ending date (ENDDATE)
YEARyearcalendar_dateSubmission year of public library data (YR_SUB)
BEA REGIONbea_codetextCode for regions from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (OBEREG) 01–New England (CT ME MA NH RI VT) 02–Mid East (DE DC MD NJ NY PA) 03–Great Lakes (IL IN MI OH WI) 04–Plains (IA KS MN MO NE ND SC) 05–Southeast (AL AR FL GA KY LA MS NC SC TN VA WV) 06–Southwest (AZ NM OK TX) 07–Rocky Mountains (CO ID MT UT WY) 08–Far West (AK CA HI NV OR WA) 09–Outlying Areas (AS GU MP PR VI)
LOCATIONlocationlocationState location