Damage report form for businesses 2015

data.kingcounty.gov | Last Updated 11 Dec 2015

Damage reports for King AND Spokane County businesses after November 2015 storm

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This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Business Namebusiness_nametext
Degree of Damagedescription_of_damagesdrop_down_listDamage Categories - Use the pull down menu to select Affected, Minor, Major, Minor or Destroyed. The description of the categories pops up each time you click on a cell in this column. This is important information we will need to do the Preliminary Damag
Facility Owner or Renterowner_s_nametext
Street Addressstreet_addresstext
ZIP Codezip_codetext
Business occupantbusiness_occupantdrop_down_listBusiness occupant
Type of insurancetype_of_insurancedrop_down_listInsurance - Use the pull down menu. If the Cause of Damage is FLOOD, then the insurance MUST be Flood or None. If the damage is from a mudslide, the insurance MUST be Landslide or None. Wind, Rain or Snow events would be covered by Structure & Contents in
Business Continuity Insurance?business_continuity_insurance_drop_down_listBusiness Continuity Insurance
Date Damage Occurreddate_damage_occurredcalendar_dateWhat day did the primary damage occur?
Description of damagesdegreeofdamagetextDescription of damages - Be brief - comment on the damage to business and contents or any access restrictions to the property. Damage to Out buildings, landscaping, are NOT eligible categories for federal assistance and need not be reported. Crop damage
Contact Namecontact_nametext
Contact Phonecontact_phonetext
Contact Emailcontact_emailtext
Location_locationlocationLocation coordinates, based on address information