Damage report form for personal property 2015

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Damage reports for King AND Spokane County primary residences after November 2015 storm

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This dataset has the following 21 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
First Namefirst_nametext
Last Namelast_nametext
Street Addressstreet_addresstextStreet Address - Enter the street address of the DAMAGED PROPERTY. DO NOT USE # SIGNS, only numbers or letters. Also, please use standard postal abbreviations: Rd for road, ST for street, Blvd for boulevard, Hwy for highway (rather than SR or St Rd or Hiw
Zip codezip_codetextZIP Code - Enter the zip code of the DAMAGED PROPERTY. This must be filled in for the property to be counted in the tabulations. Use ONLY the 5-digit zip. Do not use the zip+4 version (this is for the mapping dept).
Occupant: Owner or Renteroccupant_owner_or_renterdrop_down_listOccupant: Owner or Renter
Habitable? Yes or Nohabitable_yes_or_nodrop_down_listIs this residence habitable?
Estimated Pre-Disaster FMV of STRUCTUREestimated_pre_disaster_fmv_of_structurenumberEstimated Pre-Disaster Fair Market Value (FMV) of the PRIMARY RESIDENCE STRUCTURE (not the land + structure, just the structure) - This information can be obtained from the tax assessors office. This number is CRITICAL for determining if the county is eli
Estimated STRUCTURE Loss in $$estimated_structure_loss_in_numberEstimated STRUCTURAL Loss in $$ - Provide your BEST GUESS on the total cost to repair the structure. Do not wait for a contractor estimates. Do not put TBD or Unknown. Do not leave these blank. That will not help qualify your county for assistance! The am
Estimated PERSONAL PROPERTY Loss in $$estimated_personal_proptery_loss_in_numberEstimated PERSONAL PROPERTY Loss in $$ - provide your best estimate of the essential personal property items damaged by the disaster, i.e. clothes, furnishings, appliances, vehicles, etc. Do not put TBD or Unknown. (for renters this will be the only damag
Primary Cause of Damageprimary_cause_of_damagedrop_down_listPrimary Cause of Damage - Select the PRIMARY cause of damage to the structure from the drop down list. If the primary cause of damage is Flood, the insurance must be either Flood insurance or None.
Type of insurancetype_of_insurancedrop_down_listInsurance - Use the pull down menu. If the Cause of Damage is FLOOD, then the insurance MUST be Flood or None. If the damage is from a mudslide, the insurance MUST be Landslide or None. Homeowners insurance is for Wind, Rain or Snow events, not floods or
DeductibledeductiblenumberIf Insurance Has a Deductible - Enter $ Amount in the Deductible column. If the Insurance is None, then add the amounts in the Structural Loss column and the Personal Property Loss column and put the TOTAL in the Deductible column so that the columns to t
Accessible? Yes or Noaccessible_yes_or_nodrop_down_listAccessible - Select whether the person can get to their home. Select "NO" if inaccessibility is more than just short-term temporary situation.
Category of damagecategory_of_damagedrop_down_listDamage Categories - Use the pull down menu to select Affected, Minor, Major, or Destroyed. The description of the categories pops up each time you click on a cell in this column. This is important information we will need to do the Preliminary Damage Asse
Date Damage Occurreddate_damage_occurredcalendar_dateWhat date did the primary damage occur?
Description of Damagesdescription_of_damagestextDescription of damages - Be brief - comment on the damage to the primary residence and contents or any access restrictions to the property. Damage to Out buildings, landscaping, are NOT eligible categories for federal assistance and need not be reported.
Contact Namecontact_nametext
Contact Phonecontact_phonetextTelephone number
Contact Emailcontact_emailtext
LocationlocationlocationLocation based on primary residence address