LA County Employee Salaries | Last Updated 8 May 2019

Provides compensation paid to employees in the form of earnings and fringe benefits.

This dataset has the following 20 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyearnumberCalendar Year
Employee Last Nameemployee_last_nametextEmployee Last Name
Employee First Nameemployee_first_nametextEmployee First Name
Middle Initialemployee_mitextEmployee Middle Initial
Position Titleposition_titletextPosition Title
Base Earningsbase_earningsnumberEarnings Paid for Regularly Scheduled Work Hours
Overtime EarningsovertimenumberStraight and Premium Overtime Pay
Other Earningsother_earningsnumberOther Compensation such as Shift Pay, Allowances and Bonuses
Leave Time Payoutsleave_time_payoutsnumberPayment of Excess Leave Time and Unused Leave Time at Termination
Total Earningstotal_earningsnumberTotal Paid Earnings: Base Earnings + Overtime Earnings + Other Earnings + Leave Time Payout
Medical, Dental, Visionmed_den_visnumberMedical, Dental and Vision Insurance Benefits
Retirement Surchargeretirement_surchargenumberCounty Payment of Employees' Retirement Contributions
Pension Contributionspension_contributionsnumberCounty Pension (Defined Benefits) Contributions
Deferred Contributionsdeferred_contributonsnumber
LTD Life & Medical Taxltd_life_med_taxnumberLong Term Disability Premiums, Life Insurance Premiums and Employer Medicare Tax
Other Benefitsother_benefitsnumberOther Benefits Short Disability Insurance and Dependent & Health Care Spending Accounts
Total Benefitstotal_benefitsnumberTotal Earnings and Fringe Benefits.
Total Compensationtotal_compensationnumberTotal Compensation
Employee Nameemployee_nametextEmployee Name