LA County Finance - Open Revenue Budget | Last Updated 19 Jul 2017

This dataset includes the County’s estimated revenue budget. The dataset allows citizens to see the amount and category of each revenue source by County fund and County department. It reflects the County’s budgeted information at a Fund Group, Function, Department, and Budget Unit level.

This dataset has the following 20 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Budget Fiscal Yearbudget_fiscal_yearnumber
Fund Group Codefund_group_codetext
Fund Groupfund_grouptext
Fund Codefund_codetext
Function Codefunction_codetext
Department Codedepartment_codetext
Budget Unit Codebudget_unit_codetext
Budget Unitbudget_unittext
Revenue Category Coderevenue_category_codetext
Revenue Categoryrevenue_categorytext
Revenue Class Coderevenue_class_codetext
Revenue Classrevenue_classtext
Revenue Source Coderevenue_source_codetext
Revenue Sourcerevenue_sourcetext
Adopted Budgetadopted_budgetnumber
Adjusted Budgetadjusted_budgetnumber