Budget for County - Expenses

data.marincounty.org | Last Updated 30 Jul 2020

Budgeted expenses for the County of Marin for Fiscal Years 2020-21; 2019-20; 2018-19; 2017-18; and 2016-17. Each Fiscal Year begins July 1 and ends the following June 30. Expenses are broken out by department, program, and budget category.

Tags: county government, budget, county, expenditures, expenses, fiscal year

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Department Descdepartment_desctext
Program Descprogram_desctext
Budget Codebudget_codenumber
Budget Categoriesbudget_categoriestext
Fund Namefund_nametext
FY 2016-17fy_2016_17number
FY 2017-18fy_2017_18number
FY 2018-19fy_2018_19number
FY 2019-20fy_2019_20number
FY 2020-21fy_2020_21number
Unique IDunique_idtext