normal | Last Updated 16 May 2017

National Average Drug Acquisition Cost (NADAC) weekly reference data from November 2013 to current week.

Tags: drug acquisition cost, nadac

This dataset has the following 6 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
NDC Descriptionndc_descriptiontextIdentifies the drug name, strength, and dosage form of the drug product.
NDCndctextThe National Drug Code (NDC) is a numerical code maintained by the FDA that includes the labeler code, product code, and package code. The NDC is an 11-digit code.
NADAC_Per_Unitnadac_per_unitnumberThe National Average Drug Acquisition Cost per unit.
Effective_Dateeffective_datecalendar_dateThe effective date of the NADAC Per Unit cost
Pricing_Unitpricing_unittextIndicates the pricing unit for the associated NDC (ML, GM or EA).
Explanation_Codeexplanation_codetextCodes that pertain to how the NADAC was calculated; see explanation code descriptions below. • Code 1: The NADAC was calculated using information from the most recently completed pharmacy survey. • Code 2: The average acquisition cost of the most recent survey was within ± 2% of the current NADAC; therefore, the NADAC was carried forward from the previous file. • Code 3: The NADAC based on survey data has been adjusted to reflect changes in published pricing, or as a result of an inquiry to the help desk. • Code 4: The NADAC was carried forward from the previous file. • Code 5: The NADAC was calculated based on package size. Code 6: The CMS Covered Outpatient File drug category type of S/I/N (Single Source/Innovator/Non-Innovator) has not been applied. Most S/I drugs with the same strength, dosage form and route of administration were grouped together for the purpose of the NADAC calculation and ‘N’ drugs were also grouped together. In some cases, however, in calculating a NADAC, the CMS S/I/N designation was not applied when the state Medicaid brand or generic payment practices for these drugs generally differed from the CMS Covered Outpatient File designation. For example, authorized generic drugs are listed in the CMS covered outpatient drug file as ‘I’ drugs for the purpose of rebates as they were approved under a New Drug Application (NDA). However, they are grouped as 'N' for the NADAC calculation since they are generally designated as generic by most state Medicaid programs for the purposes of reimbursement. Another example of this occurrence is when proprietary named drugs, approved under an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) are in the CMS Covered Outpatient Drug file as 'N' for the purpose of rebates. However, they are grouped as 'S/I' for the NADAC calculation since they are generally reimbursed as brand drugs by state Medicaid programs. Codes 7 through 10: Reserved for future use.