Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program | Last Updated 29 Jan 2020

In October 2014, CMS began reducing Medicare payments for subsection (d) hospitals that rank in the worst-performing quartile with respect to hospital-acquired conditions (HACs). Hospitals with a Total HAC Score above the 75th percentile of the Total HAC Score distribution may be subject to the payment reduction. This table contains hospital’s measure scores and Total HAC scores. The measure scores comprise the Total HAC Score.

Tags: hospital compare, linking quality to payment

This dataset has the following 24 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Facility IDprovider_idtext
Facility Namehospital_nametext
FISCAL YEARfiscal_yeartext
PSI-90 Start Datepsi_90__start_datetext
PSI-90 End Datepsi_90_end_datetext
PSI 90 W Z Scorepsi_90_w_z_scoretext
PSI 90 FOOTNOTEpsi_90_footnotetext
CLABSI W Z SCOREclabsi_w_z_scoretext
CLABSI FOOTNOTEclabsi_footnotetext
CAUTI W Z SCOREcauti_w_z_scoretext
CAUTI FOOTNOTEcauti_footnotetext
SSI W Z SCOREssi_w_z_scoretext
SSI FOOTNOTEssi_footnotetext
MRSA W Z SCOREmrsa_w_z_scoretext
MRSA FOOTNOTEmrsa_footnotetext
CDI W Z SCOREcdi_w_z_scoretext
CDI FOOTNOTEcdi_footnotetext
HAI Measures Start Datehai_measures_start_datetext
HAI Measures End Datehai_measures_end_datetext
TOTAL HAC SCOREtotal_hac_scoretext
TOTAL HAC FOOTNOTEtotal_hac_footnotetext
PAYMENT REDUCTIONpayment_reductiontext
PAYMENT REDUCTION FOOTNOTEpayment_reduction_footnotetext