Standard Income Statement 2014-15 | Last Updated 4 Mar 2020

The Income Statement is an accrual-based statement prepared in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards and generally adopted accounting principles. It includes non-cash items such as depreciation charges but does not include capital items such as capital works funding. While all due care has been taken in providing these figures, some errors and discrepancies may be present.

Tags: budget, income, citizenreporter, statement, accounting

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
As at Dateas_at_datetextThe date in which the figure was generated at.
YearyeartextThe year in which the measure was taken or budgeted at.
Actual/Budget/Planactual_budget_plantextIndication if the value was actual, budget (allocated), or plan (an estimate at the start of the financial year).
CategorycategorytextOne of Capital, Disposal of assets, Expenditure, or Revenue.
Sub Categorysub_categorytextA sub category for indicating additional breakdown of category. Ie. Grants and Revenues may be a sub category of Revenue.
DescriptiondescriptiontextThe description of the financial measure.
Value ($'000)value_000numberThe dollar value (AUD) in thousands of the financial indicator.