Pedestrian Counting System – 2009 to Present (counts per hour) | Last Updated 2 Apr 2020

This dataset contains hourly pedestrian counts since 2009 from pedestrian sensor devices located across the city. The data is updated on a monthly basis and can be used to determine variations in pedestrian activity throughout the day. <p>The sensor_id column can be used to merge the data with the <a href="">Pedestrian Counting System - Sensor Locations</a> dataset which details the location, status and directional readings of sensors. Any changes to sensor locations are important to consider when analysing and interpreting pedestrian counts over time. <p>Important to note about this dataset: <br>• Where no pedestrians have passed underneath a sensor during an hour, a count of zero will be shown for the sensor for that hour. <br>• Directional readings are not included, though we hope to make this available later in the year. Directional readings are provided in the <a href="">Pedestrian Counting System – Past Hour (counts per minute)</a> dataset. <p>The <a href="">Pedestrian Counting System</a> helps to understand how people use different city locations at different times of day to better inform decision-making and plan for the future. A representation of pedestrian volume which compares each location on any given day and time can be found in our <a href="">Online Visualisation</a>.<p>Related datasets: <br><b><a href="">Pedestrian Counting System – Past Hour (counts per minute)</a></b><br><b><a href="">Pedestrian Counting System - Sensor Locations</a></b>

Tags: pedestrian count, pedestrian sensors, foot traffic, traffic flow, sensors, accessibility, safemobility

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
IDidnumberUnique reading ID
Date_Timedate_timecalendar_dateDate and time of reading (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)
YearyearnumberYear of reading
MonthmonthtextMonth of year (January, February, ...)
MdatemdatenumberDay of year (1, 2, 3, ..., 31)
DaydaytextDay of week (Monday, Tuesday, ..., Sunday)
TimetimenumberTime of day (0 = midnight-1am, 1 = 1am-2am, 2 = 2am-3am, ..., 23 = 11pm-midnight)
Sensor_IDsensor_idnumberSensor ID
Sensor_Namesensor_nametextSensor name
Hourly_Countshourly_countsnumberTotal hourly sensor readings (count of pedestrians )