City of Melbourne Population Forecasts 2016 to 2041 - Household Types | Last Updated 5 Aug 2020

This dataset provides the population forecasts (prepared April 2019) for household types, including families, couples without children, lone person and group households. Forecasts are provided for single years from 2016 to 2041 for our municipality as well as thirteen small areas according to our Census of Land Use and Employment (also known as CLUE small areas). <p>The forecasts are prepared by an independent, specialist agency (.id). Further information can be found on our <a href="">Population Forecasts</a> page. <a href=""> <p>Related datasets</a> are also available on Open Data and include dwelling and household forecasts and population forecasts by age and gender.

Tags: population forecasts, household type, growth, small areas, stats

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyeartextYear of forecast
GeographygeographytextGeographical area (Melbourne LGA or CLUE small area)
Total householdstotal_householdsnumberForecast number of total households
Two parent familiestwo_parent_familiesnumberForecast number of households comprising two parent families
Couples without childrencouples_without_childrennumberForecast number of households comprising couples without children
One parent familiesone_parent_familiesnumberForecast number of households comprising one parent families
Other familiesother_familiesnumberForecast number of households comprising other families
Lone person householdlone_person_householdnumberForecast number of households comprising a single person
Group householdgroup_householdnumberForecast number of households comprising a group of persons
Average Household Sizeaverage_household_sizenumberForecast average number of persons per household