Residents Profiles by CLUE Small Area | Last Updated 5 Aug 2020

Contains demographic profile information for City of Melbourne residents from the ABS 2011 and 2016 Census of Population and Housing. Data has aggregated by City of Melbourne small areas. This data is a derivative of "2016 General Community Profile for Melbourne LGA (<a href=''></a>)" by Australian Bureau of Statistics, used under <a href=''>CC 2.5</a>.

Tags: census, households, small areas, residents profiles, stats

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
geographygeographytextGeographic area of interest. Includes the City of Melbourne municipality, 10 City of Melbourne small areas, and the Greater Melbourne region.
yearyearnumberCensus year. Includes 2011 and 2016.
topictopictextCensus topics related to residents and households.
categorycategorytextCensus questions/ characteristics related to residents and households.
sub_categorysub_categorytextCount of persons/ households; medians; averages etc.
value_descriptionvalue_descriptiontextDefinition of the value column e.g. number of persons or dwellings, dollars, years etc.
valuevaluenumberCount of persons/ households; medians; averages etc.