Development Activity Monitor | Last Updated 3 Feb 2020

The project monitors major new commercial and residential property development in the City of Melbourne municipality. The outputs can inform short to medium-term supply forecasts in the commercial and residential markets. This data provides our current understanding of major development sites that are recently completed, under construction, planned or mooted in all of 13 small areas of the city. For full details about this dataset and the meaning of each field, see the <a href="">attached document</a>.

Tags: property, development, building, dwellings, office, retail, activity, monitor, dam, dev, accessibility

This dataset has the following 42 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
data_formatdata_formattextDenoting if the data is in the pre May 2016 or Post May 2016 data format.
development_keydevelopment_keytextDevelopment key
statusstatustextDevelopment status
year_completedyear_completednumberYear of building completion if building is completed
clue_small_areaclue_small_areatextCLUE Small Area
clue_blockclue_blocknumberCLUE Block
street_addressstreet_addresstextStreet Address
property_idproperty_idnumberPrimary property ID
property_id_2property_id_2numberSecondary property ID
property_id_3property_id_3numberTertiary property ID
property_id_4property_id_4numberQuaternary property ID
property_id_5property_id_5textQuinary property ID
floors_abovefloors_abovenumberNumber of floors above ground
resi_dwellingsresi_dwellingsnumberNumber of residential dwellings
studio_dwestudio_dwenumberNumber of studio bedroom dwellings if known
one_bdrm_dweone_bdrm_dwenumberNumber of one bedroom dwellings if known
two_bdrm_dwetwo_bdrm_dwenumberNumber of two bedroom dwellings if known
three_bdrm_dwethree_bdrm_dwenumberNumber of three or more bedroom dwellings if known
student_apartmentsstudent_apartmentsnumberNumber of student apartments if known
student_bedsstudent_bedsnumberNumber of student beds if known
student accommodation unitsstudent_accommodation_unitsnumberTotal number of student beds within the development
institutional_accom_bedsinstitutional_accom_bedsnumberNumber of institutional accommodation beds
hotel_roomshotel_roomsnumberNumber of hotel rooms
serviced_apartmentsserviced_apartmentsnumberNumber of serviced apartments
hotels_serviced_apartmentshotels_serviced_apartmentsnumberNumber of hotel rooms and serviced apartments
hostel_bedshostel_bedsnumberNumber of hostel beds
childcare_placeschildcare_placesnumberNumber of childcare places
office_flroffice_flrnumberAmount of net lettable office space in meters squared
retail_flrretail_flrnumberAmount of net lettable retail space in meters squared
industrial_flrindustrial_flrtextAmount of net lettable industrial space in meters squared
storage_flrstorage_flrnumberAmount of net lettable storage space in meters squared
education_flreducation_flrnumberAmount of net lettable education space in meters squared
hospital_flrhospital_flrnumberAmount of net lettable hospital space in meters squared
recreation_flrrecreation_flrnumberAmount of net lettable recreation space in meters squared
publicdispaly_flrpublicdispaly_flrnumberAmount of net lettable public display space in meters squared
community_flrcommunity_flrnumberAmount of net lettable community space in meters squared
car_spacescar_spacesnumberNumber of car parking space if known
bike_spacesbike_spacesnumberNumber of bike parking space if known
town_planning_application_notown_planning_application_notextTown Planning Application number where known
Location 1geocoded_columnpoint