Residential dwellings 2018 | Last Updated 20 Nov 2019

Data collected as part of the City of Melbourne's Census of Land Use and Employment (CLUE). The dwelling data is based on the Council's property rates database, using a simplified classification schema of Residential Apartment, House/Townhouse and Student Apartment. The count of dwellings per residential building is shown. For more information about CLUE see

Tags: clue, census of land use and employment, dwelling, clue2018

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
Census yearcensus_yearnumberThe CLUE census year refers to the year in which surveying was completed.
Block IDblock_idnumberThe Census area is divided into city blocks, each of which is identified by a unique block number. Blocks are primarily defined by major roads. There are around 606 blocks in the City of Melbourne.
Property IDpbs_property_idnumberProperty ID is the optional second tier in the property hierarchy, is an individual key use to identify when multiple buildings are located within the boundary of a Base Property ID.
Base property IDbps_base_idnumberBase Property ID is an individual key use to identify each land parcel which is a space (not a street or road) capable of being the parent property of either a Building Property or an occupancy property, the base is the first tier in the property hierarchy.
Street addressstreet_nametextStreet Address of the Property ID
CLUE small areaclue_small_areatextCLUE small areas are composed of a group of city blocks, each of which is identified by a unique block number.
Dwelling typedwelling_typetextDwellings can be classified as a Residential Apartment, House/Townhouse or Student Apartment
Dwelling numberdwelling_numbernumberTotal number of dwellings in Property Id by Dwelling type
x coordinatex_coordinatenumberThe longitude of dwellings
y coordinatey_coordinatenumberThe latitude of the dwellings
LocationlocationlocationThe latitude and longitude of dwellings