FY19 Minority & Women Owned Business (MWBE) Spend Report

data.memphistn.gov | Last Updated 30 Dec 2019

This dataset shows the breakdown of City of Memphis FY19 spend with minority and women owned business enterprises. The breakdown includes data for all divisions in addition to a citywide total. *Unallocated represents those checks that were not attributed to a division at the time of payment. **Public Works spent an additional $14,800,844.23 with MWBE firms through the Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program, which is managed by Black and Veatch. This amount is not included in the official report because it is managed by an outside entity. However, if that amount were included, Public Works percent MWBE spend would be 22.39%. ***Retirement investment, money manager, and custodian fees are excluded from eligible spend in this report, but will be included in a separate report produced by the Finance Division and Investment Manager. ****In the event that a business is eligible for both MBE and WBE certifications, the MBE certification is counted. However, a business may elect to maintain only a WBE certification. As a result, the Caucasian Female dollar percent will not exactly match the WBE percent.

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
DivisionsdivisionstextDivision Name
Total Spendtotal_spendnumberTotal value of expenditures in FY, by check date, as recorded in Oracle
Total Exclusionstotal_exclusionsnumberExpenditures deemed not eligible for MWBE calculation purposes
Total Eligible Spendtotal_eligible_spendnumberTotal Spend - Total Exclusions
MBE Spendmbe_spendnumberDirect spend with Certified Minority Owned firms
WBE Spendwbe_spendnumberDirect spend with Certified Women Owned firms
MWBE Spendmwbe_spendnumberMBE Spend + WBE Spend
MBE Subcontractor Spendmbe_subcontractor_spendnumberSubcontractor dollars spent with Certified Minority Owned Firms
WBE Subcontractor Spendwbe_subcontractor_spendnumberSubcontractor dollars spent with Certified Minority Owned Firms
MWBE Subcontractor Spendmwbe_subcontractor_spendnumberMBE Subcontractor Spend + WBE Subcontractor Spend
Total MWBE Spendtotal_mwbe_spendnumberMWBE Spend + MWBE Subcontractor Spend. Total City dollars spent with MWBE firms in FY19
Percent Certified MWBE Spendpercent_certified_mwbe_spendnumberTotal MWBE Spend/Total Eligible Spend
Non-Certified MWBE Spendnon_certified_mwbe_spendnumberDollars spent with non-certified MWBE firms
Certified + Non Certified MWBE Spendcertified_non_certified_mwbenumberTotal MWBE Spend + Non-Certified MWBE Spend
Percent Certified + Non Certified MWBE Spendpercent_certified_nonnumberCertified + Non Certified MWBE Spend/Total Eligible Spend