All Project Information | Last Updated 18 Jul 2019

This is a list of projects that have been funded, or selected for funding by the MoVW Team as of June 30, 2019. This list includes projects funded by the Volkswagen Trust and by DERA. Funded projects include school buses, medium and large government owned trucks, transit buses, and shuttle buses.

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This dataset has the following 21 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ApplicantapplicanttextThe entity that applied for funding.
Project Numberproject_numbertextThe number assigned to a vehicle for tracking purposes.
CountycountytextCounty in which entity is located.
CitycitytextCity in which entity is located.
Mitigation Sub-Categorymitigation_sub_categorytextMoVW Team funding group. Designates the category of vehicle in terms of the Beneficiary Mitigation Plan.
Eligible Mitigation Actioneligible_mitigation_actiontextDesignated by the Volkswagen Trust.
Old Vehicle Typeold_vehicle_typetextBody type of vehicle to be disabled.
Old Vehicle Fleet Numberold_vehicle_fleet_numbertextEntitiy assigned fleet number of vehicle to be disabled.
New Vehicle Typenew_vehicle_typetextBody type of newly purchased vehicle.
New Vehicle Fleet Numbernew_vehicle_fleet_numbertextEntity assigned fleet number of newly purchased vehicle.
New Fuel Typenew_fuel_typetextType of fuel used by the newly purchased vehicle.
Est. Lifetime NOx Reduction (tons)est_lifetime_nox_reductionnumberCalculated NOx reduction using Diesel Emissions Quantifier. Based on information provided by entity during application process.
Funding Requestedfunding_requestednumberThe amount of funds that the entity has requested.
Funding Awardedfunding_awardednumberThe amount of funds awarded by MoVW Team to the entity.
Average Award per NOx ton Reducedaverage_award_per_nox_tonnumberEqual to the funding awarded divided by the estimated lifetime NOx reduction (tons) for that specific project.
Vehicle Costvehicle_costnumberThe price that the entity paid for the new vehicle.
Completion Statuscompletion_statustextCompletion of a project means that the old vehicle has been disabled, the new vehicle has been delivered to the entity, and the proof of payment has been verified by the MoVW Team.
AddressaddresstextThe mailing address for the entitiy
ZIPziptextThis is the zip code of the entity