FY2017 08: Chief Technology Officer Budget by Department - Graph

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This dataset has the following 4 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Office-Dept-Div-Unit-Programoffice_dept_div_unit_programtextThese are organizational units and programs that are contained within each of the budget chapters.
Recmnd. Amountrecmnd_amountnumberIn December, the Superintendent of Schools presents his Recommended Fiscal Year Operating Budget to the Board of Education.
Adopted Amountadopted_amountnumberIn March, the Board of Education adopts its budget and sends its Requested Fiscal Year Operating Budget to the county executive.
Approved Amountapproved_amountnumberBy March 15th, the county executive must submit his budget to the County Council, which includes recommendations for MCPS. The County Council appropriates the budget in May, including the budget for MCPS by state category. In June, the Board of Education adopts the approved budget for MCPS which must equal the total budget by state category appropriated by the County Council. The Board may make changes to the budget within state category.