eBid Monthly Sales

data.nashville.gov | Last Updated 4 Feb 2020

This is a cumulative list of the monthly sale of surplus property items on eBid, Metro Nashville's online surplus property auction website.

Tags: ebid, auction, sales, surplus

This dataset has the following 21 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Auction Titleauction_titletextName or description of item(s) sold
Auction IDauction_idnumberID number of auction for item(s)
DepartmentdepartmenttextMetro department from which the item(s) originated
Close Dateclose_datecalendar_dateDate the auction closed
Winning Bidwinning_bidnumberAmount of winning bid in US Dollars
CC Feecc_feenumberFee for paying with credit card in US Dollars
Fee Percentfee_percenttextAuction fees as a percent
Auction Fee Subtotalauction_fee_subtotalnumberAuction fees in US Dollars
Auction Fee Totalauction_fee_totalnumberMaximum amount of auction fee
Pay Statuspay_statustextHas the auction been paid for?
Paid Datepaid_datecalendar_dateDate the auction was paid for
Asset #assettextMetro asset ID number of the item(s) being sold
Inventory IDinventory_idtextInventory ID of the item(s) being sold
Decal /Vehicle IDdecal_vehicle_idtextVehicle ID (if the item was a vehicle)
VTR Numbervtr_numbertextVehicle Towing Record number
Receipt Numberreceipt_numbertextReceipt number or method of payment
CapcapnumberMaximum amount of fee percent that could be applied to auction
ExpensesexpensesnumberAdditional expenses incurred in the sale, if any
Net Salesnet_salesnumberFinal amount of sale minus fees
FundfundtextMetro fund name
Business Unitbusiness_unittextMetro business unit